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Race Ready RZR...$15,900 obo!

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Hey guys,

I'm selling my 2008 Polaris RZR with a little over 120 hours and 1400 miles. Here's a list of the modifications done to it:

- Mafia Industries 6+ Long Travel with 15" of travel
- Makin' Trax/AFCO Fully Adjustable Dual Stage Shocks
- Beard Super TZ Suspension Seats
- RPM Fab Front and Rear Bumpers
- RPM Fab Passenger Grab Handle
- Dirt Performance 3/16" full skid plates
- MTO gusseted race cage
- Gorilla Axles - 4 good, 2 need repair, but they'll do them for free
- Super ATV Axles - Currently on the RZR and proven indestructible so far, and 1 spare
- DDP Bored Throttle Body
- DDP Torque Cam
- DDP Big Air Intake
- DDP Polished and Ported Head
- BMP Exhaust
- Boondocker Fuel Controller
- Jaz 12 Gallon Fuel Cell with stock sending unit/pump
- RZR-S Fender Flares
- Staun Internal Beadlock Wheels (Wheels still work, but beat up pretty bad) Could easily transfer to a new set of wheels if desired - 6 included (1 Tire toast)
- SRT Racelocks - 4 included with tires (1 sidewall puncture)
- Extra set of Goodyear MTR's - Brand new
- Machine Trix Side Mirrors
- Simpson D5 5 Point Harnesses
- Xtreme Machine and Fabrication Rearview mirror
- 4 Stock Axles
- Extra sets of Goodyear MTR's that are brand new

It's located in TN, and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Here's the pics:

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Nice looking rig, Chris good luck in your sale.

Planning a new project.
Lol...yeah, it's called a wedding and honeymoon. :)

ravencr said:
Lol...yeah, it's called a wedding and honeymoon. :)

Now that's what you call and good long term project. :) Congrats..
No doubt..worth every penny.

Accepting reasonable offers...

Hey guys,

I really need to sell this...please make an offer.

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