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Originally Posted by Spectrumsandsports
Here's our latest offerings from Racer Tech for the RZR 170!

Modeled after Racer Tech's top selling RC1 roll cage this new safety option for the RZR 170 is a spitting image of its big brother. This cage is fixture built for ultimate bolt-on fitment. Increase you're little one's safety ten-fold with this roll cage or simply make your Mini RZR look exactly like your full size model. The standard height cage is the same height as the factory cage at the highest point. Lowered versions are available. *This cage will accept 4-point harnesses without modification.* Our Racer Tech "MZR" product line delivers the same strength, quality and fitment you come to expect from us!

Just as we set the bar for RIGID mount bumpers for the big RZR's, Racer Tech is proud to introduce our new Rigid Mount Front Bumper for the RZR 170. Every mini RZR we've seen come in the shop so far has had a completely tweeked front end from a kid hitting something. The RZR 170's have VERY weak front ends! This bumper fixes that. True to Racer Tech style we've come up with a simple to install, bolt-on solution for all the RZR 170's front-end shortcomings. This bumpers upper mount ties into the dash-section of the chassis and the lower mounts "box in" all the weak points of the front lower chassis, including the weak A-arms mounting plates! Look no further for ultimate front end protection and the best looks available.

Racer Tech has designed a mini version of our standard RZR Rear Bumper. This is a bolt-on piece built in a precision fixture for easy installation. Bumper shown includes the "Tail Light Hoop" upgrade. If you would like to have this option please select it when ordering. Listed price does NOT include this option. For ultimate strength add our "Rear Bumper Brace" upgrade. This addition is a rigid-mount brace for the lower mounting points of the bumper. The factory provides us with absolutely zero protection for the rear end components in the event of a rear end collision.

Racer Tech�s �rigid-mount� brace for the lower mounting points of the rear bumper. The factory provides us with absolutely zero protection for the rear end components in the event of a rear end collision. We�ve designed a very simple yet effective bolt-on solution. This brace can be used in correlation with our rear bumper or without. Even without a rear bumper installed, our Rear Bumper Brace very functionally protects the majority of the moving parts in the rear of the RZR 170. This is a must have!

Racer Tech�s version of ultimate side protection for the RZR 170. Strong enough for an adult to stand on, tough enough to take a kids abuse. The bars are built in high precision production fixtures to assure easy bolt-on installation.

Racer Tech bolt-on fixed doors for the RZR 170. These doors bolt on and provide extreme side impact safety improvements but still allow for easy entry/exit. We offer our door systems in three options; OPTION 1 - Pictured here is our door w/ panel. Panel is hand made from aluminum and fastened w/ Dzuz fasteners. OPTION 2 � Door w/ no panel. The same basic shape less the aluminum panel and tabs. OPTION 3 � Door bar only. This option provides you with some good retaining and side impact safety at a fraction of the cost. Door bar only option is just the upper tubing with mounting brackets.

Here's Racer Tech's solution for fitting 4-Point Harnesses into your RZR 170. We've teamed up with Crow Enterprizes to offer a simple and effective system to keep your little ones safe. We use a bolt-in cross bar which fits into the factory cage with ease. Our bar includes weld-in retaining loops to keep the shoulder harnesses from sliding off the shoulders. Our custom harnesses are made with automotive style buckles. This makes it very easy for the kids to get themselves in and out of the machine on their own. The shoulder harnesses are looped around the lap belt so buckling in is as simple as right hand / left hand buckling the lap belt together. We've also included some ABS plastic filler panels to close off the opening to the rear fenderwells which is left behind when removing the factory recoil system. This is a complete kit with everything needed for installation including hardware and instructions. The only drilling required is six holes in the plastic behind the seats to mount the filler plates. This kit includes: (1) - Bolt-in Cross Bar (2) - Filler Plates (2) - Crow 4-Point Automotive Style Buckle Harnesses - All necessary hardware and instructions. All harness bars are powdercoated Black. Harnesses come with the option of Black or Red.



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These are some cool little machines, what I like to see is that the aftermarket vendors have really got on the band wagon with accessories.
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