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Rear Differential Housing

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I was talking to Polaris about this problem and was going to make a girdle for the Rear Diff. I have now changed my mind. I'm going to cast a new Diff Housing. It's going to be as easy to make the Match Plate as it would have been to build the girdle fixture. I should be able to have a first piece in as little as 2 weeks. Should be twice as strong as the original. Then we can make more HORSEPOWER!!!!! Isn't Dreaming up shit for these machines Great Fun? By the way I used to be a mold maker in one of my past Jobs. A persons only limits are his ability to dream and then make it Happen.
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Please explain a match plate, what it does and why it would possibly make more horepower. What problem is there with it?
Match Plate, RZR Differential

A Match Plate is the Pattern used to cast a aluminum Part. We are casting a new Right side case for the rear diff.
It has nothing to do with horsepower. What it will do is keep us from breaking the rear end!!!! When we make more Horsepower.
Hope This makes it clear.
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