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My son Justin took these pics after we pulled over for Chase – who had just noticed some “strange” noises emitting from his machine. It was indeed his transfer case making the noise. Karl and wife Charla towed him back to the Shell station with their Ranger with the "Tow Posse" pulling up the rear. After a phone call to Curt (Carnivore) back at the cabin he and his wife Dorothy met us with a trailer.

Chase Wendy and friends with his machine trail side.

All discussing the situation.

Chase and Wendy.

Curt (Carnivore) strapping down Chase’s machine.

Curt (Carnivore) double checking his work. Karl in the back ground

The “Tow Posse”.

Chase's machine.

Chase and Wendy all loaded up and ready to head back to the camp ground. The rest of us continued our ride.
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