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RZR Front Bumper Mount Reinforcement - Protects radiator

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As many of you know, the Polaris bumper mount on the RZR is attached to the lower radaitor mount. Yep, you buy a front bumper to protect the RZR and end up punching the radiator when you hit something.

Well, Thunderhawk has come up with this bumper mount reinforcement that ties directly into the frame so that anyone with one of the "radiator-killer" bumpers can add the necessary structure to have a strong bumper mount and protect their radiator. This bumper mount brace goes behind the plastic nose and is not visible when installed. By reinforcing the Polaris factory bumper mount location, this Thunderhawk reinforcement will work with all brands of bumpers that mount to the stock Polaris bumper mount location.

For complete product details, go to our website at:

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