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All I can say is WOW about this cab system and the really nice matching trunk lid from Rangerware!!! I knew how nice this stuff was from installing it on our Crew but it never ceases to amaze me the quality and engineering in this stuff. The RZR cab system is one of the easiest installs yet. The wife helped me out and in about 45 minutes we had the enclosure all bolted up (and thats with taking a few pictures). After the cab pieces were bolted up I started on the wiring. I'm not sure who figures all this wiring out but they do dang good work making the entire wiring process all plug and play right into the factory harnesses.

The first thing was the windshield

The windshield has two bolts. All you have to do is reverse two of the cage bolts on each side, install a lengthened nut and set the windshield in place, then bolt it down. Here's a pic of the attachment points.

Next up is the rear panel.

Onto the roof. The roof has two cargo lights that are big time bright and a third brake light. The lights are activated by an overhead switch inside the cab. The roof and rear panel is also lined with a nice material that really helps with sound. The four center bolts in the roof aren't factory, thats the bolts I installed thats holding my overhead stereo enclosure. Something else thats nice about the roof is that if you just want the roof it'll work by itself or in conjunction with the Polaris front windshield.

Well the cabs on and time to start wiring things up. As with all the Rangerware wiring I've dealt with it's top notch, with easy to follow instructions and all plug and play! The main fuse panel gets bolted between the seats underneath the steel frame that the center console is fastened to and all the wires run to and from that location.

The overhead panel has the dome light and rear cargo light switch in it, again it's all plug and play with easy to follow directions. In the second picture You can see the two rubber coated clamps that hold the back panel in place in this pic.

A big thing I liked about the wiring harness is the main lines all tucked neatly behind the drivers side roll cage, down below the seat through a hole and right back into the main fuse panel. You've got to look hard to even see any wires, I LIKE THAT!

The cab install is now complete with only one last thing to install, thats the extremely neat trunk lid, it's cool! The electric trunk latch is trick! In the center rear part of the bed you can see the electric actuator that releases the trunk lid. All you have to do is drill a couple small holes and bolt it into place.

The two small top rails on each side of the bed are removed and the two ring tie downs on both sides inside the bed are taken out. The mounting brackets on the trunk lid which have gas shocks just sit right in place. Part of the brackets rest in place of the factory top rails and the rest directly over top of where the ring tie downs were. Once in place the ring tie downs can be reinstalled. Installing the trunk lid was a breeze just light the cab.

The trunk lid comes with a wiring harness that once again is all plug and play. The instructions state to locate the switch right below the gear shift in the center console. One thing to remember is to NOT locate the switch to low. As you can see in the following picture the switch looks great where I mounted it however when I took it for a test drive I discovered it wouldn't shift into High. I mounted the switch a little bit to low which made the bottom of the gear shifter linkage hit the backside of the switch when trying to go into high.

Instead of trying to rig something up to cover the hole and try to raise the switch I found that there was ample room to mount the switch on the opposite end of the center console between the seats. The switch works perfect here plus it's completely out of the way of the cup holder. One tap of the switch and pop, the trunk releases, kinda feels like your sitting in your car popping the trunk, lol!

A few pics with everything installed (I've got the bumpers at the powder coaters getting them powder coated silver to match). Needless to say I'm more than happy with the way our RZR turned out, definitley a head turner!!!!!!!!!

I can't say enough good things about Rangerware products, their just flat out nice from fit to finish. Speaking of finish the metallic orange paint is amazing with a clear coat like no other. I've really got to hand it to those guys for designing and manufacturing such great stuff. As the old saying goes "Ya get what ya pay for" well you get your moneys worth with Rangerware Products!!

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Wow you had a sweet ride before but now it is freakin awesome.

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That looks great Brian. As always, RW does a good job on their cabs. Now, start saving your pennies for the doors!
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