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RZR-S Header,Custom Muffler Install on RZR 08, MANY Pics

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Well Guys, Here's many have talked about, but I haven't seen any pics of anyone who has done it yet. Could I be the 1st or just be the 1 :lol:
Removed my FMF Performance Header along with the Two Bros. Slipon and AGAIN Homemade Fabbed my SETUP. Let me know what you think.

Here's what I removed and will be selling shortly :cry:

AND while I had the bed off, I removed the Stock Air Box & Plumbing, replacing them with a product from the ATVDOC. KUDO's CHUCK, fit, finish & the colored install pics were GREAT. Thanks Again.

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How's the sound on the new setup? What didn't you like about the last one? 8)
Two Bros. is pretty LOUD and just wanted to quiten it down. Adjustable Baffles are pretty cool, sound when you want it
Bart, as usual everything looks like a factory job. I like the looks of the job. How does it sound? What's the special points of the new air system toward improvements?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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