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RZR Twin-Plate Rear Shock Brace Kit

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Thunderhawk Performance has developed this twin-plate rear shock brace in response to the demands of our more extreme customers. Fast trail riding over rough terrain and jumping can bend the stock rear shock mounting tabs. Even stock RZR’s are prone to damaging their rear shock mounts when ridden hard. Polaris has increased the thickness of this area of the frame on 2009 models in an attempt to fix this, but we still have customers with 2009’s bending their shock mounts. The Thunderhawk twin-plate rear shock brace kit will eliminate this problem on all RZR’s.

This Thunderhawk kit includes our PQ3312 rear upper shock mount brace which mounts to the rear of the factory shock mounts and ties the Polaris RZR rear frame cross-tube and upper suspension mounting points together. This part is designed to eliminate the chassis twist caused by rear suspension loads. This twin-plate kit also includes a second heavy-duty brace for the front-side of the RZR rear shock mount to sandwich the factory frame and resist the bending that occurs from hard riding and jumping.

For complete product details, go to our website at:

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Looks like a good sturdy product, will the zinc coating take paint or powder coating or is it really needed.
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