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Best we can tell so far, here are the primary differences between the current 2011 RZR S 800 and the new 2011 RZR XP 900. Feel free to add to the list if we missed something. In comparison to the Polaris RZR S, the new RZR XP 900 has:


- 115cc Larger Displacement
- 33 more HP
- 4 Valves Per Cylinder
- 750 Watt Alternator
- Integrated Oil Cooler
- High Capacity Air Intake System
- Dual Throttle Bodies


- Race Inspired 3-link trailing arm IRS rear suspension
- 1.5" more front suspension travel
- 2" more rear suspension travel
- 4.4" longer wheelbase

- New Compact, Lightweight, HD Transmission
- Eliminated all 90 degree angles in the drivetrain
- Upgraded front differential with billet cage

- 190lbs heavier
- 1" longer bed box
- 4" narrower bed box
- 3.5" deeper bed box
- 2,734 cu. in. bigger bed box overall
- no tow hitch or tow rating
- 4.4" Longer Overall
- 3.5" Wider Overall
- 2.5" Taller Overall

- LED Headlights instead of Halogen
- Higher Top Speed - TBD (Possibly limited to 73'ish mph)

Polaris states that it accelerates 29% faster than any competitor given the power and weight advantage it has. What can we add to this list?

Standard Model

Limited Edition

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Thanks for the info', Chris. That's an awesome machine....can't wait to try one out. :D

So you're living in Maryville now? I work in Maryville.

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ravencr said:
Hey Jerry,

I'm actually living in Boone, NC right now. We'll have to get together and ride one of these days for sure.

Gotcha......I thought that you had moved. Let me know when you're in town and maybe we can hook up for a ride. 8)

Have you got to drive one yet? :?:
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