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Here are a few more pic's from * "Dune Day's 2009" in Mear's, Michigan. As you can see we ALL had a great time !! The majority of us stayed at the campground We ride the Dunes,1607,7-153-10365_15070-34760--,00.html during the day - come back to the campground and get cleaned up - have dinner - then a short walk into town for a evening of go carting :shock: /shopping/whatever you desire, etc. - then a short walk back to the campground for a relaxing evening of sitting around the camp fire. It's a GREAT time to meet new friends and catch up on lost time with the one's you've met in years past. By ALL means come and join us this year - it doesn't matter if it's your first time joining us or not, you'll be glad you did and you're guaranteed to meet "Good People" and have a "Good Time" !!
Expect nothing less than to enjoy yourselves !! :D 8) :wink:

* PRC/SSW is in no manner associated with this event, its just some members and friends getting together to ride the dunes.
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