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We were camped at Mormon Lake in AZ with our grandsons. They had their 50cc quads and we had the Ranger (AZ street legal). It was the first trip with the Ranger so we did not have the rear seat installed at the time.

The riding trails we over a mile from the camp ground with no good way to get the boy's quads to the them. I loaded up one quad at a time in the Ranger and hauled them to the trail head then unloaded them. I reversed the process getting back to camp.

I did get some strange looks from the tourists at the Lodge when I tooled by in the Ranger with a quad loaded in the bed.

Photo of boys and Barbara at the top of one of the mountain trails.

Loading ramps are strapped to the bed of the Ranger.

Shortly afterward we added the rear seat and roll cage so hauling days were over.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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