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Mike and Chris,I hope you don't mind hearing my opinion, This guy is trying to blame you guys because he is to lazy to use the forum as it was designed. Its up to you but I don't think I would move his post back.
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I'm not going to move it back, I didn't move it, but it looks to be in the right place to me now. Thanks for the advice.

99% sure I won't move it back, but after all that hooplah I want to see his reply. I figure it's the RZR and Rhino video. Which if it is, I'm gonna tell him no because it has not info for anyone of value. It's purely entertainment.

BTW, I don't mind ever hearing any of you guys opinions. I welcome and appreciate them.
Also, is it me or does it seem as if the flow of info has slowed recently. It seems as if the only info streaming is of no real use. Not like it used to be. I can remember reading like a dozen new posts a day and was packed with valuable info. Now it seems as if the only people talking are whiners and there's nothing really going on.


The flow of info is a natural ebb and flow here. We have seen it before. The RZR has had a lot of issues figured out and a lot of posts are rehashes of the same thing. When another issue comes up, the info will pick back up. Another thing, after the new LE comes out, I am sure there will be a ton of information.

As far as guys not using the forum correctly, you said a mouthful there brother!!! Listen, there are so many whiners, bitchers, lazy devils and troublemakers/instigators in the RZR section that it can get depressing for you. But, hang in there. Just stay consistent, let the negative comments roll off your back like water off a duck and keep gettin' it. The whiners will get tired of hearing themselves before long. You could offer them a virtual "olive branch" by posting a link to where something was moved. You could try it the next time and see if the griping is the same or not.

We see that ebb and flow a lot in the Ranger section too. Its actually pretty slow there right now.

Thanks for saving me the typing, Bruce!

That was spot on!! I have definitely at times become a little depressed at all the antics that take place in the RZR Discussion section, but I always try to come away reminding myself that roughly 90% of the guys are good ones; its only the other 10% that cause all the indigestion.

I would be careful about posting a link. That could get time consuming and if you do it for one the will ALL complain if it's not done for them.
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