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Sway Bar disconnect.

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This was posted by Minamoto at PRC
At the end I added an linkage option for the rear, do you think it will work??

Posted: 27 Apr 2008 03:11 Post subject: Idea for sway quick disconnects

They need to come off for rock crawling, since the super-tight sway bars make sure the RZR usually only has 3, even 2 wheels on the ground at any given time. Plus the things will probably break after a while with all that stress on them. Really anytime you're going to be riding slow trails, taking them off makes it ride sooo much better. Rocks, crawling over trees... it seems to float over them. But even at medium speeds it becomes unsafe when cornering.

Taking a cue from my Jeep, I think I've got these things figured out. The front will be a snap. The rear... well... let's just talk about the front first.

The needed materials for the front would be two new bolts the same grade and size as the existing ones at the top and bottom of one of the front shocks, four flat washers, and two haipin clips. The pins probably need to be decently thick for strength and so they clamp snugly on the bolt, but there really shouldn't be too much stress on them at all, since most of the stress will be pushing up or down on the bolts themselves, not agains the pins.
This is the pin type, not necessarily the right size.

The new bolts need to be threaded further up the shaft. I don't have the measurement, but just far enough for the nylon nut to be tightened all the way up to the shock mount, and tight on the clamp on the upper end of the link. Then holes drilled near the ends of the bolts for the pins to go through them. This might be the tough part, because those bolts are going to be pretty hard.

The current assembly order after the shock mount is... spacer, sway link, nut. The new order would be nut, washer, sway link, washer, pin. The washer between the nut and sway link may not be needed. But it certainly isn't going to hurt.

The same way for the upper connection. Instead of clamp, spacer, sway link, nut... it would be clamp, nut, washer, sway link, washer, pin. The holes in the bolts need to be drilled so there are no gaps between the parts to prevent slop, but not so tight they are hard to put back in.

Then all you do is pull the two pins, pull the sway link and washers off, stow them under the hood, and off you go. The other side can stay connected, as that will keep the sway bar itself out of the way so it doesn't droop and let the tires hit it or something, the front wheels will still be fully independant.

I did a rough mock-up of it with low-grade bolts, and it worked fine. Only takes a slight rocking to get it to slide right back into place, one person can do it easy. Pins back in, and you're ready for high speeds. Takes about 10 seconds to get them off or on, literally. Just make sure the RZR is sitting on flat ground.

When I get time to take the bolts with me to match them up and get it all done, I'll take pics of how it works.

As far as the rear goes... you can't use pins in the thin sway link, because #1 it's too thin, thus making the pins too thin #2 the bushings need to be tight to work properly.

So to fix that... how about cutting out a large section of the stock link, then welding like a 1" long section of thicker rod to each end, maybe 1/2" thick. Think of a 1/2" thick steel dowel 1" long welded onto the end of the cut sway link to make it thicker.

Reconnect the two ends with a piece of stout, hollow pipe, drill 1/4" holes through both ends, and put 1/4" thick snap pins through it. That should have plenty of strength.
Snap Pins

An example can be found here. Basically you're removing most of the center section of the sway link, leaving only the ends. Adding a thicker piece to it for strength, then connecting the ends back together with a hollow bar and thicker pins that can take the stress.

This time, you might would have to do both sides, and strap the sway bar up out of the way. You might could again only do one side and rock the RZR a little to get it loose or reconnected, but it might be kinda difficult by yourself. I know you could do this with two ppl, because I took the stock one out and put it back in that way. This would again keep the link out of the way without having to strap it, and make the process much faster.

You would connect one end, probably the bottom, and put the pin through it. Let a friend (or complete stranger) rock the RZR to the side a bit, line up the sway link, then ease it down into position. Stick the pin back in, and you're good to go. Removal the same way. Still, doing both sides would only take moments to remove and put back on.

The front is a done deal. The rear... I know this will work, but making it will be kind of a pain. If somone wants to make them, I'd be more than happy to test them...

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Posted: 28 Apr 2008 04:05 Post subject:


It sounds like a good story, but gosh darn minamoto, pictures would sure help me along . After working all day I like to frequent this forum and relax, not exersize my ability to understand.

Posted: 28 Apr 2008 04:21 Post subject:


Yeah I knows. I haven't done it yet (permanently), so I have no pics. And I can't draw for anything. I might do the front tomorrow tho, or at least soon. I'll get pics of it when I do.

The rear setup... not sure I'll be doing it because of my limited welding skills, so I guess I'll have to try and draw that one. I'll try that now and post it. Maybe I can draw it good enough to be more clear than my 10,000 word description.

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Ok here are some really crappy drawings I did freehand. Hopefully it'll make sense.

The picture did not come over here is the link

Posted: 01 Mar 2009 19:13 Post subject:


For the rear sway bar disconnect how about a device like this?

Does anyone know the name of this kind of connector. I would like to find other sizes on-line.
I just found it! How about this on one side of the rear suspension. The thought was you could just do one side and connect and disconnect with just one person?
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