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The one modification you would never give up.

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Of all the mods you have done to your RZR or Ranger. What is the one that you could least do with out? Me, I could not go up in the Sierra's without my GPS.
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For me on the mods to date would be the Highlifter springs, and the lift kit. If not for them I would not be able to go to the place I have been, atleast not without leaving parts behind as often :)
Mine would have to be the lights. We go to Glamis a lot and I love going out at night. A lot of people we go with do not like to go at night but I tell them I have got sun light in front of me. 8)
I don't know what I like the most! I have done so much to it but if I had to choose I think that it would be the harnesses! They make it feel so much safer!!!!
Good thread. I think my winch would be right up there.
probably the fender flares. it goes a long way toward keeping the mud off you
Im with rabbit the harnesses are probely the best thing i did.
Lisa and I have been talking about this, and we both agree, the half doors would be the hardest to give up.
Seasonedsole said:
Lisa and I have been talking about this, and we both agree, the half doors would be the hardest to give up.
My doors are a close second.
We have harnesses in the full size and would like to get some for the RZR. In the full size, leaning forward to steer better means having the harness loose, making it not very effective. Ends up, we only use the lap part until something questionable than also use the top. In the RZR, would we be able to keep the complete harness on and still be able to comfortably drive?
Good pics Rob but you are going to have to get some mud tires to keep from getting stuck!
I should say my Gamalot inspired UHMW skid, but I've come to believe anything with a steering wheel should have a stereo!
My snorkel set up with the prefilters for the air and belt intake. Otherwise with the crappy Polaris airbox on the RZR's I would have cooked the motor by now. Also with out the snorkels I would not be able to get through a lot od the holes I run now.
The new cam over parking brake I just installed. It's much easier to park on a slope without the transmission locking up.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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