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Time Lapse: Shuttle Endeavour Traverses Los Angeles

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Glad I was not out there during the move. I did see it fly in.
Dang, sure would like to see that 'Bad Boy' up close !! :wink:
I can't believe that they squeezed that thing through downtown. It looked very tight in several places.

Seeing it up close WOULD be cool, but I wanna RIDE in it! :lol: 8)
That was very impressive. I would love to have seen that move through town. It would have been awesome to see that up close. It would also have been awesome to see it fly in. It is kind of a Sad that the days of the shuttle are over.
I actually taught a class down at Kennedy Space Center years ago and we got to take an up close and personal tour of the shuttles. It was great
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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