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Rich I know everyone is going to say that the bighorn is the best all around tire. I also agree with this to a point. Tire size has a huge pull on performance of these machines and any machine for that matter. If you want to keep the most performance you will want to go with a smaller/lighter tire. If mud is your goal then you will want a very large tire and big lugs that are very far apart to clean the mud out. I am going to test some different tires when I open the shop and I had planned on taking a couple sets to RRB to do some testing. I like the looks of the Holeshot ATR and I like the looks of the new Baja Cross. The problem with the Holeshots are the will not do good in thick mud but should do good on most any other trail conditions. The Baja Cross is a 8ply tire so it is going to be a heavy tire. The tread pattern looks great for most any condition though. If I was going with the bighorn I would go with a 25" tire and a good lift kit and UHMW skid plate. I whish that I had went with the 25 instead of the 26" tires on my RZR just because of the loss of power.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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