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Wanted to bring this to your attention.

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There is a pretty harsh thread on, and a lot of the comments are from some of our guys. RZRider, if I remember correctly, is just flaming it up over there and then coming back on here to gain info. There is not much info over there so he is still using this site. Gary, you and the staff here is taking a pretty bad beating. Your name is the only one used. I'm no lawyer but liable and slander came to mind. I would suggest reading it and making your own opinions. Martymoe brought it to my attention last night on the phone. The site managers on are laughing it up. I'm not trying to stir the kettle but there are a few bad seeds that we could do without. Here's a link to the site,, the thread is in the general discussion area. You can only view like ten posts before you have to join so I had to join to finish reading it. Trust me, I will not be spending any time there. Some of our memebers are trying to protect us but some aren't worth thier salt.
Heres a direct link to the thread
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I found that with them idiots over there best thing to do is ignore them.

You know, I kind of expected this from some of them. Couple, I'm surprised.
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