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Welcome Minnesota_Duane

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The SSW community would like to welcome you to our Forum. We appreciate you joining our community. If you would like to briefly introduce yourself that would be great. We strive to learn from each other in this family friendly forum. We welcome another Member from Minnesota.

Welcome, and thanks for becoming a member of SSW.
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Duane, Welcome to the SSW from Michigan - glad to have you join up !! :D :wink:
Duane thanks for becoming a member!
Duane, welcome to SSW.
WELCOME Duane to SSW a great family friendly site.
Duane,Welcome to SSW
Thanks for the nice welcome!
I am from NW MN little town called Climax. 45 years old happily divorced father of two boys. I don't have a side by side like most of you. What I have is a Chinese minature dune buggy, I guess would be the best discription. It is a Roketa gk-06. It came with a single cylinder engine, a copy of a Honda CN 250. I got it late last fall and rode it when ever I could get a chance and had a blast with it except it was pretty short on power. I decided that a Geo Metro engine and transaxle should work. I started doing internet searches and found that this wasnt an original idea. I found a site called buggy news and learned of a couple other people that have done it. I am currently working on it at work when it is slow and after work and weekends on the weeks I dont have the boys.

Before ripping it apart

Just setting in the engine to get an idea of what it's going to take

Header that I fabbed up from a Yamaha XS750, the induction will be 3 34mm Mikuni carbs also from a XS750

If anyone is interested I will post more pictures as the project continues
Again thanks for the great welcome!
Happy riding
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Dang, That looks trick - yes, keep us posted on your progress. :D :wink:
Welcome SSW, that looks like a neat project!!!
Sounds like a fun project!
Now that Looks Sweet. That has to be a fun project. Please keep us posted with pics of the progress.
that is a great project, the cn250's due ok if you mod them, I have had a kinroad 250 and now have a carter 300, keep up the nice work and keep us posted

It's kinda done I have around 1500+ miles on it this summer.

Pulled the engine and FNR box and set the Geo engine and trans in to size it up and to check the axles. Wasn't going to fit without some modifications!
The axles are stock to the 92 Geo Metro and fit the buggy hubs perfectly.

I cut off the back tubes and built new ones. The motor mounts are Ford F150 trans mounts (Good eye West Coast)

Motor mounts are 1/4" plate and 1"x2" tube bolted to Ford transmission mounts (I work in a transmission shop)

Engine and trans mounted up. I cut the top tubes off behind the seat leaving 3" I cut the back vertical bars flush with the horizontal tube then shortned them later, and added tubes with flanges so I can remove the fuel tank and frame work in one shot to work on the engine. I made my own intake and used 34mm Mikuni carbs, the ignition is a Ford Duraspark box hooked to the Geo distributor.

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