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I put up a sticky in the rzr section and it seems to be getting a pretty good response trying to urge the lurkers in that are searching rzr info. I did not lock it and try to respond to all the new guys who sign in. I make sure to drop the hint to check the rest of the site out. If you guys get a chance, help me welcome some of these guys in. I know there is the new member spot but when I found the sight it was because I searched for rzr info and went straight to that section. I figured it was a good opportunity. Constuctive critisism is welcome.


Fresh blood was a good idea Boss, good job Mike.
We did that a few years ago on the forum and recruited a bunch as I remember.
Seems like after a few years on the forum we ( I ) forgot some of the simpler things that worked out good.
Which brings up my point, if the new mods. (Mike, Brian, Curt,) have what they think is a good idea, please post it. It may have been something we did years ago, or one that may need to be re-introduced or a completely new idea that we my not think of because we are old and tired[:D].
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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