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What do/did you do for a living?

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Welcome to SideXsideWorld 8) !!
I thought this would be a great time to get to know what we each
“Do/Did for a living”. How are we making all of this money that we’re spending in this great sport and on our respective machines ?
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Retired Coordinator from Ford Motor Co.
Now work for Porsche as a Test Driver.
My Wife owns her own Beauty Salon.
Hello SSW:

I am a Welding Enigneer and work for General Motors Corporation. It has been a rough year with the Bankruptcy and all. But It seems as things are getting back on track. We have a very nice product lineup.
I am a commercial general contractor. We specialize in restaurants like TGI Fridays, Old Chicagos, Taco Bells and that sort but also build any other type of building.
I'm an Operations Supervisor for a major oil company working in the Gulf of Mexico out of Louisiana. Producing Crude Oil and Natural Gas, processing it then sending it on down a pipeline to sales.
I'm a retired detective from the Mecosta county sheriff department.
I work in Radiation dosimeter, I run the QC/QA lab and dabble in the R&D department.
I drive semi for a logging and lumber company.
Retired from AT&T in 2000. Last Job Digital Tech. I only had to count from Zero to One :lol:
I'm a auto tech and my wife is the bread maker. As long as she works I can have toys.
I am an electrician for a co-operative power plant, and my wife is a PRN/stay at home mom. Her career is much more valuable to our family than mine.
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Retired from my own Computer Consulting & Programming Business
I am a retired MDOT GPS Survey Technician in project development. Worked out of the Escanaba (UP) regional office but was always on the road covering UP. Took early out in 2002 at 55.

Was a part time AMSOIL Dist since 1978 but since 2002 spend my time with that.

Here I amhard at work back in 2001 at junction of M28 and US45 in Bruce Crossing.
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Great topic Rich!! I am an electronics technician with a large manufacturing company. I get to work on everything from PLC based electronics to robots like they use in the auto industry to lasers. Very interesting and at times, demanding job!! Starting my 28th year in it!
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Full time BS,er !!
Part time salesman. Those of you that know me understand the rest will soon.
Frostie said:
Full time BS,er !!
Part time salesman. Those of you that know me understand the rest will soon.
:shock: 8) :lol: :p :lol: :p
Don't let him fool ya, Daves a great guy!
Quit BS'ing Dave, Curt's right !! :D :wink:
observer comunictor i basically provide weather and coordinate vehicles operating on the active slash air traffic dudesky 8)
small business owner
Retired military (USA and USMC), now a Project/Program Manager for Sage Software and teach technology one evening a week at community college.
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