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What do you think

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I think this is from a company. If you look at her MySpace site listed in her profile its about RPMfab.
What do you guys think. I know its in the wrong place, but before I moved it I thought I would get your opinions.
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I tried finding something that tied her to them but was unable without calling. I remember dealing with a female when I bought my battery box from them though. They were great people. I would e-mail her and just ask and explain why. Steve from makintrax isn't a sponsor but participates without a major biased in the discussions without pushing his product. Maybe she would do the same since there are no sponsor spots available at this time. Just some thoughts.

In the interest of our new, tamer modus operandi, I would keep an eye on her. I really don't like flat out lying like was just done!! It is obvious that she is advertising and the "look what I got" statement, pleaaaaaassseee!!! But, lets see if she turns this into a free advertising opportunity. If not, we will let it slide for now. If she starts hammering away, send her an e-mail and we will go from there.

Will do, keeping an eye out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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